Majlis Al Rawdah (Community Hall)

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It is part of our social responsibility commitment to give back to society architectural services whenever possible. So we designed this community hall to be the main hub for all cultural and community events. Some of the activities hosted in the building include weddings, funerals, community meetings, sports events, gatherings during Eid and other cerebration festivals. The building is also open for ladies of the village to book a time for “ladies only events”.

The open plan design ensured greater flexibility to accommodate desired furniture arrangements. Our scope was to prepare the architectural and engineering drawings and ensuring project is executed as planned.

Since the building is for the community, the main challenge was to come up with an architectural design that meet the asperation of the majority of the the community’s asperation. This required intensive communication with the community and several architectural presentations and feedback loop to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Location: Al Rawdah, Saham, Oman
  • Client: Al Rawdah Community
  • BUA: 750 Sqm.
  • Construction Completion: 2015
  • Scope: Lead Consultant: Architecture, Engineering, AOR, PMC,, Interiors.