Commercial / Residential Projects

Congratulations on being an action taker to learn more about the requirements for your Commercial Residential project. If you are considering to building a showrooms, offices, retails malls and alike types and perhaps considering to combine it with a residential component , then lets us know about it and we shall guidance to take the 1st steps forward. We are the leading architects for commercial & residential projects in Oman. 
Click on the document you require as listed below, fill in the information and the report will be sent to you instantly. Many people reported to us that readying these documents was a very good start for their project.
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Resources for Commercial/ Residential Projects

  • Project Planning Pack for Commercial/Residential Projects (to be done soon)
  • 7 Deadly mistakes done in Commercial/Residential Project (to be done soon)
  • 6 Tips not to Miss When Renovating Commercial/Residential Projects (to be done soon)

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