Projects & Services

Master Plan

Master planners evaluate where a project, city or organization is today and what it takes and how it evolves to become its ideal future from a holistic approach.

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Architectural Design

Architectural innovation and out-of-the-box thinking are the drivers of our success, along with practical and bespoke planning and execution.

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Engineering & Industrial

Our engineers are abreast of the latest technology. They combine it where appropriate to international codes and standards.

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Architect of Record

Our system for AOR services which we developed specifically for Oman, facilitates a smooth process of obtaining authorities’ approval.

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Think Creative


The creative team of interior designers of earc sabla can adapt the interior design to suite the taste of the client and meets their expectations.

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Project Management Consultancy

Our experienced PMC team do what it takes to ensure the project is delivered on time, on budget with the best quality.

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Solar Panels

Installing Solar Panels in buildings in Oman has become a necessity. Why paying huge electricity bill if we can generate our own

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