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It is very important that you find architecture and engineering consultant that you like, respect and trust. We work in all parts of Oman and we would be delighted to help you.

Whether your project is a school, hotel, commercial showroom, industrial facility, commercial residential tower or housing complex – we are here to help.

Good Design and Money!
We believe that “Good building design makes good business”. Thus, we design buildings that makes profits to stakeholders by applying the following principles:

  • Increase building efficiency by:
    • Making the design layout efficient and effective to ease movement of users and machinery
    • Reduce power consumption by using thermal insulation and protection.
    • Optimize land utilization
    • Increase construction speed.
    • Decrease time for authority’s approval.
  • Reduce construction cost by:
    • Using modular constructions method.
    • Reduce wastage of materials onsite.
    • Optimum structural design that provides structural safety and stability without over design.
    • Specify high quality locally made products as much as possible.
    • Effective & transparent tendering services and bids negotiation
    • Illuminating or maximum reduction of variation claims from contractor
  • Reduce operating costs by:
    • Specifying maintenance free products
    • Specifying high quality finishes
    • Reduce cooling loads by increasing the thermal insulation
    • Reduce time waste
    • Installation of Solar Panels in the roof to generate electricity
    • Installation of sewage treatment plant to utilize treated sewer water for irrigation
    • Harvest AC water to use of irrigation

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