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Free Downloads to Kick Start your Project in Oman

Do you want to engage architecture/ engineering firm to help you in the design drawings of your dream building? Do you want to understand the  steps that a buliding has to go through from A to Z,   from design sketches, authorities approvals and construction and receiving the building? Do you want  a step by step guide for a successful kick start of your design or construction project in Oman? 

We created this resources to help individuals and companies understand the approval processes. For example the building codes, regulations to get permits, stamp approval on drawings, the process that need to be followed to obtain the licenses for buildings etc.

It could quite complex to understand the process and the steps to follow and the order of authorities to approach first to obtain the authorities approval for your project.

We also created a list of professional and specialists that we tried and work with previously. Not only the do a professional job but they do it diligently, on time, on budget and with top quality and best price.

If you projects is an industrial facility, hotel, commercial or residential building, you will enjoy the free guidelines below on how to do them smoothly in Oman.

Select one of category or building type mentioned in the list below and start taking advantage of these free downloads and resources before they become chargeable.

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