Industrial Waste Treatment Plant in Sohar Free Zone Area

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This is the  Omans’s first large scale industrial waste handling facility in Oman. The facility solved a long lasting problem in Oman of safely disposing industrial waste that could have serious adversely impacts if disposed improperly to the environment.

The project is capable of handling and treating various organic and in-organic wastes. Project Consists of various open land fill areas, two covered and compartmental storage building 1900sqm each , labs & administration blocks, canteens and maintenance buildings. One of the challenged was to ensure that rain water from local catchment is kept on site. Therefore, the project team has carefully planned rain water management system that collects water in channels and stores it in two large evaporative ponds to eliminate any possibilities of leakage of any water collected in site to surrounding nature. The site also has a challenging dramatic hilly terrain that required considerable planning to optimally locate roads, buildings, services, and land fills.

  • Location: Sohar Freezone Area, Oman
  • Client: Al Ahliya Construction/ Be'ah
  • BUA: 21,000sqm
  • Construction Completion: 2020
  • Scope: EPC Project, Design Consultant, Architecture, Engineering & AOR