VVIP Government Guest House

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Earc Muscat and Earc International (NRA Co-lab) were awarded this project to prepare this very special 5 Star Plus hotel in Muscat. Jamal Alzeedi was part of the Earc team in Muscat who prepared a preliminary design hotel for the Omani Governments VVIP guests, including visiting heads of states, entourage and associated support and security barracks. Therefore, resolving the planning complexity due to high security measures was one of the most challenging part of the project, which was done successfully.

The design program included: • Top floor as a palace suite for a visiting Head of State. • A full floor accommodating two separate palace suites for two Prime Ministers. • A Full floor Suites for visiting ministers. • 40 Guest Rooms Hotel. • Function and conference facilities for 200 people separate from the hotel but linked by a bridge. • Recreation spaces, 7 fully equipped kitchens , Dining and F&B facilities. • Security Points, Workshops, Barracks and On-Site, Maintenance Facilities for 70 staff and personnel.

The final design drawings satisfied client’s needs and met their expectations. However, the construction cost estimation came to be expectedly high. Due to the unstable economic situation, the project didn’t proceed further. Nonetheless, it was memorable and pleasurable experience to design such a special leisure facility.

  • Location: Airport Heights, Muscat, Oman
  • Client: Royal Court Affairs- Royal Estates
  • BUA: 58,000sqm
  • Design Completion: 2010
  • Scope: Architecture Design in collaboration with Earc Brisbane NRA Co-lab